Control your phone without touching it…


v1.04 is here!!!

Hello. The only change from version 1.03.1 to 1.04 is the addition of the screen off feature. Now, in order for this to work, you need to give Prox administrative rights (and only the right to turn off the screen). Go to settings and click enable admin and it will ask you to confirm. Then you can use this action wherever you want. NOTE: TO UNINSTALL PROX, YOU WILL NEED TO REVOKE ADMINISTRATIVE PERMISSIONS OR IT WILL NOT UNINSTALL.

Also, there was a small bug in 1.03.1 that made the custom loadouts useless. That has also been fixed.

This does break the current loadouts, but I had to because of the new administrative feature 😦

If giving Prox administrative rights makes you uneasy (it really shouldn’t), then you can still use it normally, but you won’t be able to use the screen off feature. I understand the some people will not want to grant these permissions, but you can still use Prox, but not the new action.

Thanks for the support everyone!


Small bug fix for v1.03

There was a bug that broke the disable vibrate feature for Prox. I have just uploaded a fix (it will not break your loadouts). New version is 1.03.1. Thanks Juan!

Prox Pro now in the Amazon App Store!

Well, not quite. It needs to get reviewed before it appears for download. Just wanted to let everyone know 🙂

Prox updated to v1.03 :)

Hello all! Here are the things that have been fixed in v1.03:

Major bug fixes – the update still breaks the user settings, but this should be the last time it happens. I’ve got a way to not erase all of your data everytime 🙂

Added ability to turn off loadout switching gesture. Even though I like it, some of you may prefer to use that for another customizable slot. So, take it or leave it…it’s there.

Added a setting that enables a “hold” feature. A lot of peeps might be concerned with launching things unintentionally. With this setting, you can leave it at 0 to initiate an action instantly, or you can crank it all the way to 2 seconds. If your hand just passes over the sensor with a hold setting enabled, it will not activate the action. You must hold it over the sensor for the set amount of time to actually initiate the gesture.

Some modest UI changes have been added. Buttons are no longer stock Android and there is some new custom text. I can program, but you’ll have to give me some time and trial/error for the UI. Let me know what you think and give me ideas!

OK. I have heard what the users want. I have not implemented any new actions in this update because I want to get the actual service rock solid before adding anything that could potentially make debugging harder than it already is. The things I’m hearing are hardware button emulation, shortcut launching, stuff like that. Shortcut launching is already slated for the next release (I know I said it was for this release, but I have had a lot of other testing and fixing going on). Emulation of the hardware buttons might be a little later and I can go ahead and tell you that it’s going to require root access.

About root access. If you are not rooted and still want to use Prox, you will definitely be able to. But if you want to use actions such as back button and screen off, you’ll need to have root. I don’t know any other way to implement this without root so that’s that 🙂

I hope everyone is enjoying Prox. If you have ANY issues, please let me know here or email me at I try to answer all emails so just send it.

Thanks everyone 🙂

If Prox decides to stop working…

There is yet another bug that I believe I have fixed. There was a memory leak that causes Prox to seem like it’s not doing anything. This sometimes happens when you enable and disable the service and then turn your screen off. I will be pushing an update to the market as soon as I get a few other things done. Sorry for the inconvenience 😦 Expect update by Friday…

Big issue about to get fixed

Hello all. Just from using Prox throughout the days since I developed it has made me realize that I need an additional setting. There are times that I forget that Prox is on and I accidentally activate a gesture when I’m just trying to do something else. For the next update, there will be a setting that lets you have a “hold” feature for Prox. Basically, if you like the whole as soon as you swipe it does something part of Prox, you can certainly leave it that way. But for some users that need a little bit more control, I am adding a feature that lets you select seconds between 0 – 2 seconds (1/10 intervals for greater control), and with this feature enabled, you can set how long you must cover the sensor to launch an app. I think this will be a great addition and I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks. A lot of peeps are saying that they can see a lot of unintended gestures so I think this is a great fix for that problem 🙂

Future Updates

It has come to my attention that some of you don’t like the loadout switching gesture :P. I feel like this is a useful action for Prox, but I do see the purpose in enabling the user to select whether or not they want this feature on. It also allows me to let users have an additional slot to do something else besides switching the loadout. I have come to the conclusion that in the next update, this feature will be added. In the settings section, the user will be able to activate this feature. If the feature is activated, the away action that you have selected will be overridden to perform the loadout switch. Otherwise, you will have an additional slot for an action.

Another thing I want to ask is that I have no UI experience. I think the retro look of Prox is kind of cool, but it could definitely use some TLC. If anyone wants to help out with the way the UI looks and behaves, let me know…