Control your phone without touching it…

v1.04 is here!!!

Hello. The only change from version 1.03.1 to 1.04 is the addition of the screen off feature. Now, in order for this to work, you need to give Prox administrative rights (and only the right to turn off the screen). Go to settings and click enable admin and it will ask you to confirm. Then you can use this action wherever you want. NOTE: TO UNINSTALL PROX, YOU WILL NEED TO REVOKE ADMINISTRATIVE PERMISSIONS OR IT WILL NOT UNINSTALL.

Also, there was a small bug in 1.03.1 that made the custom loadouts useless. That has also been fixed.

This does break the current loadouts, but I had to because of the new administrative feature 😦

If giving Prox administrative rights makes you uneasy (it really shouldn’t), then you can still use it normally, but you won’t be able to use the screen off feature. I understand the some people will not want to grant these permissions, but you can still use Prox, but not the new action.

Thanks for the support everyone!


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