Control your phone without touching it…

Big issue about to get fixed

Hello all. Just from using Prox throughout the days since I developed it has made me realize that I need an additional setting. There are times that I forget that Prox is on and I accidentally activate a gesture when I’m just trying to do something else. For the next update, there will be a setting that lets you have a “hold” feature for Prox. Basically, if you like the whole as soon as you swipe it does something part of Prox, you can certainly leave it that way. But for some users that need a little bit more control, I am adding a feature that lets you select seconds between 0 – 2 seconds (1/10 intervals for greater control), and with this feature enabled, you can set how long you must cover the sensor to launch an app. I think this will be a great addition and I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks. A lot of peeps are saying that they can see a lot of unintended gestures so I think this is a great fix for that problem 🙂


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