Control your phone without touching it…

Versions 1.02 of Prox Lite and Prox Pro are live in the market!

Prox Lite has been updated with a fix that was causing issues after phone calls. Sometimes, if the user tried to shut the service off, it would not comply. This major bug has been squashed and this is the only thing that has been fixed for this version.

Prox Pro now has a new action, the ability to play ringtones. Now, people may be asking, what kind of action is this? Well, just imagine the possibilities. You can make your own ringtones and set them as individual actions. It can be a really neat trick to show people. Use your imagination with this one and some astonished looks might arise πŸ™‚ Also, the same bug fix for Lite has been fixed here.

There are also several improvements to battery life and speed in this version of Prox Pro. I did have to take out the setting that enabled users to turn the icon off and make the service run in the background. It was causing way too many force close issues and it wasn’t really Prox that was causing it. I might revisit this in the future when I figure out how to disable the notification for a foreground service.

Also, the notification is a lot less intrusive and looks a little better. It also changes dynamically based on which loadout is active πŸ™‚

Once again, this update breaks your current settings. I am trying to come up with a way to overcome this but for now, this method makes sure everything is initialized because adding a new feature generates new files that can’t be null of things start to go nuts.

I hope everyone enjoys the new update and remember to give me your requests on the requests page. To the 2 that commented already, I am working on shortcut launching right now. Back button emulation is going to be tricky because it will either require root or administrative privileges, but I am definitely looking into it.

Happy Proxing!


2 responses

  1. Andy

    Im enjoying the new version of Prox Pro.. the new icon in the notification bar is really helpful.

    I still havent quite figured out the point of the ringtones though.. but I guess its a fun little trick when showing of the app to friends πŸ™‚

    Im looking forward to more functionality from this brilliant app! My suggestion is that you make it so the app can trigger certain actions within other apps (fx load up on the browser, or load up screen settings). Or maybe you could make it so that it can be used to toggle diverse settings (fx toggle wifi or mobile data).

    Anywho, looking forward to any further updates! Love the app! πŸ™‚

    May 22, 2011 at 11:19 am

    • Lancer

      Thanks for the feedback! I am currently working on assigning shortcuts for gestures so you’ll be able to launch the browser with a bookmark, like I don’t think I can turn on GPS, but I think I can turn on WiFi (there are privacy issues with GPS, but I’ll look into it). I’m only one dude, but I am trying my hardest to make everyone happy πŸ™‚

      May 22, 2011 at 9:50 pm

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