Control your phone without touching it…

Update Information

Hello all. I have been working on a new action but it has occurred to me that there is a bug in the current version that makes the service go absolutely crazy sometimes. Some symptoms of this bug (the service has to be running for this) is if you take and end a phone call, Prox will seem to be doing everything twice. And on some rare occasions, when you shut the service off, it will still be activating actions even though it’s off. The only fix for this right now is to go to settings, applications, manage apps, and clear application data.

I have been working on finding the solution to this and as soon as I find it, it will be pushed to the market.

Thanks for all of your patience…

Thunderbolt users: I still have no clue why the application seems to not be working on your device. My only suggestions are:

Make sure there is NOTHING blocking your proximity sensor, even dust.

Make sure you have the most recent update for your device.

Other than that, when you swipe, make sure you are holding it correctly and pas your hand slowly and close to the sensor.

I hope this information helps and be expecting an update in the next couple of days 🙂


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